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FEATURING The Evolution Control Committee


Call for entries from former ACME Art Company Artists

  • By Sunday, Sept. 24th, commit to exhibit artwork: email Artwork Submission Information with images of artwork to acmeartcompanyoh@gmail.com.
  • Friday, Oct 6th – Exhibition
  • Sunday, Oct. 8th – Noon to 5 p.m., Artwork pick-up unless artwork is to be submitted for the Art Auction.

E-mail this information to acmeartcompanyoh@gmail.com AND attach the same information to your artwork:


Artist Name:





Title of Artwork:


Submission for:

___ Café Ashtray – ACME Art Company Resurrected Exhibition / former Acme Artist. Submit this artwork to the ACME Art Auction: YES or NO

___ The Vanderelli Room Presents –  ACME Art Company Resurrected Art Auction / OPEN TO ALL ARTISTS


Size of artwork:


Display requirements:

  • All media and sizes accepted as long as they are reasonable enough to fit into the gallery space. E-mail acmeartcompanyoh@gmail.com if you have any concerns.
  • No fee
  • Artist is responsible for delivery and pick-up of artwork
  • Artist is responsible for insurance of their artwork.
  • Artist receives 70% of art sale. 30% is donated to The Vanderelli Room’s mission to serve local artists.

Additional Information: